Reduce the time you spend figuring out your marketing with personalized strategies you and your team can implement right away.

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  • You are in the right place if:
  • - You're looking for clarity, direction and guidelines to refer to -
  • - You want to learn how to plan your marketing yourself but don't know where to get started -
  • - You're ok putting in some of the work yourself or don't have the budget for outsourcing -
  • - You already have a team in place but are stuck for ideas -

Online Presence Audit

    • Custom video delivered to your inbox
    • Comprehensive website review
    • Editorial content review
    • SEO analysis
    • Social profiles review
    • Includes 3 creative content marketing ideas
    • Fast turnaround and fully bespoke
    • Pay online by card

€ 60
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Editorial Calendar

    • Bespoke editorial calendar (6-12 months)
    • Yearly overview and a week-by-week view
    • Initial assessment call and questionnaire
    • Final consultation upon delivery
    • Additional calls and email support available for a fee

starting from €700 (one-time payment)

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Customer Communication Plan

    • Customized plan for exactly how you will keep in touch with your customers
    • Covers email communications, social media and print materials
    • Guidelines for providing better customer support
    • Personalized swipe files to handle negative reviews

starting from €700 (one-time payment)

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Online presence audit

It is a video walkthrough which will allow you to have a complete picture of your current online presence and a roadmap to help you do the things you need to do to improve the way you present your business online. In addition, you’ll receive 3 content marketing ideas, generated with your business in mind.

The price only includes the report in video form. It does not include any additional work required to address the listed issues. You can, of course, get in touch to extend our collaboration and you’ll be provided with a quote and a timeline. Once an agreement is reached, I will then start working on the issues listed in the report. Alternatively, you can share the report with your team and/or with other consultants you’re already working with.

You can pay through Paypal or by bank transfer to an Italian bank account.


Editorial calendar

It is a planning document that gives you and your team a plan of action for your social media and website content.
The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and social media and when each post will be published. It can help you set priorities, solidify your messages and ensure that your content is timely and relevant.
It serves as a roadmap for the months ahead to ensure your content is optimized to meet business goals, capably targeting the right audience, and that your contributors, stakeholders and distribution channels are working in concert.
An editorial calendar is more than just a calendar: it helps you develop a strategy. This way, your website and social media become a powerful tool for your business that attracts new customers, builds relationships with them, and helps you get more sales.

You will receive a PDF document with a yearly overview and a week-by-week view. Each week is further divided by platform (website, social media networks). The document maps out the overall themes for each month and what key pieces of content should be created.

With the calendar, you’ll only need to worry about producing the content, not coming up with ideas. From a practical point of view, it will help you accomplish the following:
– planning and preparing your content production;
– create a publishing schedule that helps you maintain a consistent presence;
– visualize your marketing strategy in a way easy understand.

The price only includes the planning document. The editorial calendar provides guidelines specific to your business about

It does not include:
– copy and/or text for each social media post or blog post
– images and/or graphics for each social media post or blog post

If that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend hiring me on retainer. Click on the button below to get more information and request a quote.

retainer agreement

This Blueprint is a great option if:
– you’re stuck for ideas;
– you prefer to produce the content yourself or in-house;
– you don’t have the budget to entirely outsource content production;
– you want to learn how to do content marketing yourself but don’t know where to get started.
You can pair this Blueprint with 1-on-1 coaching, another service I offer, for even better results.

1-to-1 coaching

This Blueprint is not for you if you’re looking to outsource the management of your social media channels and website content. Once you have received the document, you and your team still need to write Facebook posts, blog posts and the like. If you’re looking for someone to do this for you, this is also a service I offer. Get in touch using the button below.

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This is paid by bank transfer to an Italian bank account.

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Customer communication plan

It is a planning document illustrating exactly how you will keep in touch with your customers. Will you use emails, newsletters, social media posts or something else? Who is you target and how often will you contact them? What type of messaging will you use? And so forth. A customer communication plan answers all these questions.

A communication plan is a roadmap for getting your message across to your audience. What information can you share with your customers so that their travel experience is a positive one? This is not limited to social media and email marketing but extends to in-room brochures, destination guides and on-site support through WhatsApp (or similar). With this Blueprint, you’ll have the exact sequence to follow for each of your customer segments. With this, you know when and what to send your customers and what materials you need to print out.

There are two tiers to this Blueprint:

  • Basic

Includes only the outline and recommended sequences but not the specific copy, texts and the graphics needed for each communication with the customer.

  • Extended

It’s the full package: you’ll receive the funnels and sequences as well as the specific content for each communication with the customer.

The assumption for both tiers is that you will be in charge of sending out each communication.

Does this sound like you?
– You send newsletters sporadically, mostly to wish a happy Christmas or promote an offer
– Before a booking is confirmed, you’ve exchanged tens of emails with your customer, attaching all sorts of Word documents and brochures
– When your customers are on the trip, they complain a lot because what they found didn’t meet their expectations

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, this Blueprint is absolutely right for you! It will help you streamline your workload, provide accurate and helpful information to your customers and be more strategic with your offers.

This is paid by bank transfer to an Italian bank account.

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